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Real Estate Update, December, 2017, from Lenska…

by Lenska Bracknell

Published on her Youtube channel, December 10, 2017.

[Originally from Berlin, Germany, Lenska Bracknell is a full-time real estate agent and broker based in San Diego, California. You can reach her through her website, ~Editor]

Lenska Realty provides residential real estate services in San Diego for real estate investors, buyers and sellers. Being a landlord and investor herself, Lenska’s background and expertise makes her a valuable resource in understanding real estate market, property evaluations and acquisition. Lenska offers monthly investor tours in different San Diego neighborhoods evaluating houses and searching for deals.

In addition, Lenska assisted many homebuilders with their marketing using aerial photography as a pilot and a aerial photographer. She has been a pilot for over 20 years and has seen San Diego from the air which gives her a whole other perspective and intimate knowledge of our communities.

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