Sifting the New Economy

by Robert Rowsey

“So here’s a San Diego mountain cabin that’s move-in-able with a quarter acre lot for under 100k. The place even qualifies for a no money down full loan with mediocre credit. You don’t even have to be a high roller for this one. Nice! Get at me if you want the details”

I posted the pic shown below along with the above text on Instagram the other day looking to get a reaction and test what the market reach would be for it. I got one comment from someone immediately who said there must be something wrong with it that it can’t be priced that low, it must be haunted.

I replied that it was “way up a dirt road and far away from town, so that’s why.”

Such is the current housing market here in San Diego in 2017 that the only way the average buyer can find affordable real estate is to go out to the distant boonies and live like hermit or the Unibomber. Remember him? It’s crazy.

Palomar cabin in the woods
Palomar cabin in the woods

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